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Someone posted about how to grow seaweed, but doesn't help w/ growing algae.

I guess I should just try it, but would say using a coffee filter work if I wanted to grow algae and fish in separate containers but in the same closed loop system? If some of the algae escapes the filter, it would just be eaten by the fish, no? (say I am growing Spirulina, and tilapia or gold fish)

Anyone have experience with this?

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Hey Alan! Awesome Idea. 

From the research that I have done so far it seems that within a closed loop system like that the algae cannot be grown in the same container even with some sort of filter.

BUT there is an aspect of aquaponic systems called a sump which collects extra junk from the water that is not filtered  out by the plants or eaten by the fish. I think here it would be possible to grow algae...

i think it can be done ive heard of poepledoing it.

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