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I'm hoping to glean a LOT of useful information from this friendly site!

I found out about Aquaponics  from a recent Worm Farming Secrets newsletter and immediately started brainstorming on a system for my back yard. One of my co-workers has been trying to give/sell her 8'x2' stock tank for the last five years. Well, I guess God had her hang onto it long enough for me to acquire it! It's now in place, but I need to coat the entire inside with a good sealant graded for continuous underwater use. I found out that 100% silicone is not good when used on galvanized metal - drying agent is corrosive (could be why there is seepage along the bottom seam where silicone had been previously applied). I'd come across a DAP Auto/Marine sealant that appeared to be what I needed, but, alas, the online info indicates not to use it on galvanized, I'll be taking the tubes I bought back to Ace.

There's a product out of CA that claims to be non-toxic, rubberized, and fully useful for sealing stock tanks, fact, there's a YouTube video demonstrating its use on a rusty tank. I'm now looking at using Tucson Rubberized Coating typically used for roofs. Talking with the rep seems to indicate it should be safe.

QUESTION: Is anyone currently using this coating in their tanks? I'd like to do the coating really soon so I can acquire my Tilapia before the weather gets too much cooler.

Thanks! Looking forward to getting to know folks here!

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Thanks, Harold...

On the first test run of just two tanks, the leak was more prevalent so I dismantled all of them...super wrapped the threads with teflon tape...and put them back in, tightening as far as they would go with a hammer and driving implement. I can just barely access it from underneath and will try tightening them even further. Or, I may just make a collection point for both leaks and run a small pump for a few minutes when I go out in the morning to feed the fishies...or, I may be able to rig a trough that drains it back into the FT...

Thanks for the encouragement, Harold...much appreciated by this rookie!

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