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in the process of building a 60 X 30 GH.  I am looking for suggestions on which is the most productive way to set up the GB.

I have two IBC totes burring at ground level.  I have over 100 (30GAL)  barrels to play with.  Of course thats the cheapest way for me to build. 

Any ideas ?  Hopefully I hear back from some who have already went through what I am about to go through,  but any ideas are welcome.

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google warehouse( has lots of IBC / aquaponics and greenhouse plans:

down load google sketchup(it's free) then you can copy and paste the designs to suit your needs! :D

also if you use google earth you can find your farm/back garden to import the terrain into sketch up!

so you will have a pretty good idea what the finished project will look like in place before you even start to build

Importing Google Earth Terrain into Google Sketchup

If you cut barrels around the middle they require less support so a cost savings there but they will not give you as much surface area cut round the middle.  Plumbing is going to be similar in cost either way.

Make sure to leave yourself enough space to access pipes and plumbing once things are put in since the hardest thing to get to will be the thing you will probably have to fix.  Also leave yourself space to move through the greenhouse and access to inspect/harvest your fish.

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