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I'm struggling to find any information as to whether I can use Polyethylene Greenhouse Film as a liner for my grow beds.  My instincts tell me it would be food safe, but I did want to ask in case I've overlooked something.  Can anyone offer input either way?

Thank You!


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I've seen backyard Aquaponics systems utilizing billboard sign plastics that are usually made of similar, if not the same material. The only way to know for sure is to know the exact specs of the plastic use. Just in case there's some kind of trace chemicals used for the UV protection. I too am curious as to know the answer, but I think your instincts are right. With polyurethane being used for tanks themselves in so many commercial applications. I don't think it'll be a problem. Again the only thing I'd be curious about is the UV protection itself.

GH covers are usually polyethylene, whereas billboard liner is usually some type of vinyl (a really bad idea to use vinyl if you ask me).

I'm not sure exactly what PE liner you had in mind, but chances are that its mechanical properties might not due too well mid-long term with the weight of the rocks and water doing their thing...

As far as liner materials go...IMO DuraSkrim is the "best" if not cheapest way to go. (It's really not that expensive though).

This is what I was thinking of using.  Have used it to cover my greenhouse, and have found it to be very easy to work with and very durable.

Well, I guess you could always try it out and see if it holds up.

Here's some info on DuraSkrim if you want to check it out. It's something many have used successfully, including myself.

Hi Rodney,

I've been using 12mil GH poly in my raft, as a liner, going on 2.5 years now. It is proven safe for potable water use, so you won't have to worry. You can use two layers of 6 mil for more strength.

I think you can do it.

Due to greenhouse film has waterproof, water resistance, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, so it is also can be used in aquaculture (aquaculture ponds, intensive, factory-culture ponds, fish ponds, lining of shrimp ponds, sea cucumber ring slopes, etc.)

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