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Hi all,

I have been running a small 55 gal. tank system with 2 cement tub grow beds.  Learned a lot and now I am going to take on building a 10x12 greenhouse system.  I am in the planning stage and need to get a local permit to build.  Nothing strenuous but they do need to know the specs before permitting.

My question is in regards to the most cost effective (or the "best bang" for the long-term buck) on clear covering.  I have seen plastic sheet, polycarb panels, corrogated roofing panels, etc.  Please let me know what some of you have done and what would work.  I am in Southeast Louisiana and and our climate is typically humid but we have our dry moments.  I do not plan to clear cover the north side and roof for insulation purposes, although if the material is cost effective AND insulating I will use it there as well.

Thanks in advance for any assistance,


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