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My Greenhouse has been an issue for some time.

My first roof was a for now 1/2 inch ply with plastic over it but with 80 % humidity over the cold winters it did over time rot and separate.

I replaced the roof with a new ply wood roof, shingle, insulation, vapour barrier, and need a ceiling for the inside. I am looking for advice and direction please.

I have a 300 Gallon IBC 50 Tilapia in side a 8 by 10 greenhouse with a sloped roof 10 feet high in the front and 8 feet high in the back.

I am thinking of a few options:

1. Corplast sheets screwed to the ceiling.

2. double insulated silver wrap stapled to the ceiling.

My main issue is not wanting condensation to be as much of an issue and not to grow mold, but my insulation and vapour barrier is bulging and may break into room one day.

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I live in Canada and use the greenhouse all year.

I am confused as to why there is so much plywood involved in a GH ceiling?? We live in the mountains of NE TN and grow trout and lots of veggies year round and the only portion that is not GH plastic sheeting is our North side walled off fish room where you want subdued lighting for the fish (trout) and we use metal roofing split up by clear panels every 3rd sheet for a total of 24' so 3 clear and 6 metal panels. All of which will handle condensation in stride.


Jim Fisk said:

 Wow good set up there, thanks for the response. I had a set first that was smaller and had two layers of plastic but found it too short and it dripped a lot of condensation down into room. With the new roof I went from 10 foot at front to 8 foot in the back. What I do find is that the wind out here is a little strong with the open field behind me, so for that reason I did go reused wood for walls and roof.

First is my old system

Jim Fisk said:


my old system from outside.

Inside the new gh gives a full 2000 reading of light on my meter.

the expansion from first try to second try.

Finished outside picture.

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