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  Just finished plumbing my gray water filter into grow bed, tested on small system OK,  pretty basic but functional.  We're in dry season here now,  need water,   should be able to replace evaporation loss.

  Two new broods of Red Talipia this week. 

  New  [2nd]   Bio-filter working,  water clearer,  algae down,  pH under control

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Right now it's probably, 40% river water, 30% rain, 20% tap,10% gray, stopped adding gray, pulling pH up to much, [ our rain, and river comes in at about 8 pH ]considering putting gray in holding tank,  adjusting before I add to system.
The river water is from the Mopan river,    pretty clean,    no industry dumping in it,   just some farms along,   almost potable, some locals drink it daily.
Cool as long as the fish are happy & major stuff is ok (pH, temp, nitrites & nitrates) Then good work. It seems like the bigger the body of water / access to sun light / and time to settle solids out all will be benificial to dealing with the grey water. Keep up the good work!

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