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Of the 30 fish i brought home a little over half have survived the month.  I think I had the wrong food for the size (pellets) i switched to flakes and the dying tapered off.  

Should I wait to get tilapia until my temps are consistently over 70F?  We are still cool in the am.  I also am unsure of how to care for fingerlings, and best heating (cost effective) ways during winter.  I plan to build a green house around the tank this fall. I have also see people painting the IBC tank black. Does this help? 

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I've tried adding one Nile Tilapia once and it attacked the other fishes (including two Mozambique Tilapias which I bought at the same time but later killed by the Nile Tipalia). It is a very territorial fish and probably best to be kept in the same tank as its own kind.

Now I have only a few carps and kois in my small pond plus some Tiger Barbs and Manfish to prevent koi parasites from returning.

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