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I just received four little Goji berrie starts and am wondering-can these be grown in a foot-deep media-based aquaponic grow bed? Anyone tried this? If so, was it successful?

Not sure I want to dedicate the limited space in my grow bed to these plants but I certainly like to try growing new things in aquaponic gardening.

Any thoughts?

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I haven't had any experience with Goji berries, but I would find out what kind of soil they like. Plants like blueberries love low pH and don't do as well in an aquaponics system where you need to keep things a little higher for the sake of the fish.

The little starts were dying inside my house so I moved them to one of my gravel beds. I'm doing to three weak plants and am hoping they can strengthen with the additional nutrients. As soon as they grow a little bigger, I'll move them to pots.

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