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Yeah, that was the sales pitch I remember too..."improved manufacturing process...safer...less dioxins" etc...

Yet, when agencies/countries actually test for it, those pesky, problematic dioxin levels keep showing up...

Of course (as with acceptable glyphosate blood levels) we could just keep raising the numbers of what is "acceptable" or "safe". That seems to be a most common strategy these days for dealing with these types of substances. If you recall, the original spiel was that it was impossible for glyphosate (roundup) to make it's way into the human blood stream. Then when elevated levels were found in peoples blood, the line was "well that's only farmers who work with the stuff...not consumers"...then when elevated levels well beyond what was legislated as "safe" were found in the blood of urban dwelling (Berlin) children who had never even visited a farm, let alone worked with herbicides...the answer was to just raise the level of glyphosate in the human blood stream that was deemed safe. So we no longer have to worry about it's links to a host of human health problems...perhaps we could do the same with 2,4 D and dioxin? After all, it may very well be possible to cure world hunger with cancer?

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