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No surprises here.  Eventually the GMO corn probably will have no effect against insects.  article

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evolution at its finest 

Yes they might loose the war but they sure did a fine job of ruining our old genetic stock. Old open-pollinated corn strains  should be considered on the verge of extinction. How many hundred years would it take for us to get back (genetically) to where we were fifty years ago? Is it even possible?

But in my mind, monocroping or the use of hybrids is almost as risky. I urge you all to join the campaign "Center for food safety" and those independent seed saving organizations for a more secure tomorrow.


i don't think we can ever go back, these big seed company's that have made this mess should be held accountable for there actions, 

Yes, I totally agree but that is not likely to happen anytime soon. The best we can hope for at present is to propagate the use of  open pollinated seeds and continue to write to our reps to stop this madness.

The problem is it can not be stoped, the gene that makes this plants so great is a dominant geneunless every GMO crop is destroyed tat the same time it will just re-spread itself, im useing this way to often these days BUT this is another case of 


Its a sad state of affairs when man has to choose profit over people. I for one, refuse to submit However, I too need to make a living and am only able to grow for me and mine... and friends that understands what it takes to eat the best food possible. But I choose to do this because I love life. I love life over people and people over profit. Silly, I know. But there's more to life than having lots o zeros in a bankbook. In fact I don't quite understand leave it that...lots of things I don't understand. Madness is all I can say. So Just walk the walk and keep hounding your reps.

Somethings got to break soon. Know AP already?..Next, find yourself the highest military commander in your area and get in close. When govs collapse, Warlords rule! Those that can feed the soldiers gets to live in protection. Monsanto and the other food mongers might control the world now but I envision a time very soon,  where there is little or no high tech, life of every kind driven to the verge of extinction. Doom and gloom? Well scary but not all bad. Life will correct itself and flourish, though it may be strange and as unrecognizable as we become, if we survive through it. I'm not worried about the health of this planet. I'm concerned with how we as a species, with so much brain capacity,  can stop our Lemming like, headlong charge off the cliff.

Court rules organic farmers can sue conventional, GMO farmers whose pesticides ‘trespass’ and contaminate their fields  Nice to see accountability starting. Although I do not like to see farmers against one another, especially since their hands are becoming tied. Wouldn't this apply also to contaminated well water and fish in waterways. Now if only they could get to the manufacturers, the real culprits.

If it were only corn......

Hi Rob,  check out this link for some GMO animals.

This is an article about growing GMO fish and beef.  Do they look yummy to anyone? 

How about Beef?

Not for me.  who knows what it will do to the consumers?  Would any of you grow fish this way?  not me!

Oh yummy! I want my kids to look just like Arnold; muscles bulging everywhere. "Eat more GMO beef Timmy. You'll grow up big and strong".......Grosssss!

I feel sorry for the animals they do this too - they don't have a choice.

An those that produce this stuff probably eat organically.  They get to see the results first hand.

Not a good way to protect our way of life in my opinion.  That is why I am here.  To be around others that want to grow healthy ways and make a difference in our world!  Thank you for Standing up and growing Great Nutritious food!!!

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