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For the last six months I have been trying to get a geyser pump working. After some trial and error I finnaly got what I was looking for. I got a pump which could move 200 gph without and moving parts and operates off of low air pressure, less than 15psi. It is similar to an airlift pump but you have more control over the output. An airlift pump uses an airstone within a pipe which is submerged. The bouancy of all the airbubbles lifts the water out in a sputtering fashion. A geyser pump works in bursts. An air cavity on the submerged pump uses air to displace the water within. When the cavity is full of air it ejects the entire single bubble into the pipe which lifts the entire column of water within. The water is forced out and the bubble pulls more water into the bottom to recharge. I have videos and photos coming. This is a great pump to use if you have and constant air supply such as a blower. The efficency and reliability outweight traditional pumps in my opinion.

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Have a look at this, there are 3 parts and it was helpful to me.

I lift about 40" high using a 1/2 gallon pitcher, 1-1/2" PVC and a 4 watt air pump. It moves about 7 gph to my 4 strawberry towers; 8-10 ounces almost twice a minute. The pump is in 36" deep water.

There are several designs on youtube. I'm just not sure what kind of air compressor to get... 270 gallon IBC system...I shouldn't need to big of one. But I'd like something that will last and be fairly energy efficient. Any thoughts?

I've just about finished building a "semi" passive solar greenhouse, now I'm re-building the aquaponic system.

I realize this is an older post...any guidance would help. thx.

Hey this is something off topic but i need your help in regarding buying some power tools for my woodworking workshop, can anyone suggest me the best brands and tools for it as i am a beginner in this and doesn't have any knowledge about it so suggest me and help me into it.Also i have read this guide but couldn't able to find anything specific, so help me so that i can start my workshop.

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