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I am learning about backyard aquaponics. Can anyone recommend a good backyard system, to buy, for Houston Texas? Would likely need to chill water temp, since it gets so darn hot here. Tanks.

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Do you like to build things? 'Cause building a system's a lot of fun :) I don't have any experience with any pre-built systems.

Green acre's hobby system is a great system to build.  you learn a ton building it and can grow a lot out of it. 

I wouldn't get started if I didn't like to build things.

Figure out what you have space to do. Plan out your system -- particularly how the water is going to flow. Build it.

Make something small the first time. Learn from trial and error. Some things won't work for you that work for other people, for whatever reason.

Consider tilapia for your fish (pretty heat tolerant), and consider putting your tank(s) near or under ground to stabilize temps.

Hope this is useful.

I was wondering about an update - did you decide to get into aquaponics? How does it fare?

In my opinion, you have to build your own aquaponics system rather than to buy this. You can build your own aquaponics system of any size from inexpensive locally available materials and equipment, and operate it at a profit.

Murray Hallam
Consultant in Queensland

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