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I would appreciate ideas on how to get rid of caterpillars that have eaten down some cabbage and pak choi plants overnight, and are threatening my tomato plants and other leafy plants. Taking them off by hand is usually after the damage is done.

I have sprayed with a pepper/garlic mix, so far to no avail. Help!


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bacillus thuringiensis is what you need. Natural Bacteria solution that buy.

Robert Morris said:

I was having the same issue. I removed them manually

Robert, thanks for your response. Moving the caterpillars manually is my best option so far. The caterpillars in my garden seem willing to die for cabbage (and other green leafy plants) that are spiced up with pepper, garlic, onion, and a bit of molasses.

Jonathan Kadish NYC AA Chair said:

bacillus thuringiensis is what you need. Natural Bacteria solution that buy.
Jonathan, thanks for the info. Where do I find Natural Bacteria? 

Anything in the cabbage family will attract the white or yellow cabbage butterflies that lay the eggs that hatch into these voracious caterpillars. One of the easiest controls is inexpensive netting - the kind used to make bridal veils is very cheap, will last up to 3 years in outdoor usage, and is easy to sew into wide panels. These panels are very light-weight and can easily be held up with wire hoops. Of course, you wouldn't mix plants that need to be pollinated with your cabbages.  I also use these panels in my dirt garden to keep the deer out of my tomatoes. I drape a whole row, just laying the netting right on top of the plants and let it hang down the sides a bit. The deer in my area have taken a shine to green tomatoes and will strip a garden in one night.

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