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I have a small bedroom garden started two months ago. It's a 30 gallon fish tank and 10 gallon grow bed 1.5 ft. by 2.75 ft. I cycled with and am using goldfish and currently have very stable water quality readings. I'm growing lettuce, kale, broccoli, swiss chard, spinach, dill, and a pepper plant.  All plants are growing fast and looking healthy except the spinach. The leaves prior to new growth keep burning tip to stem with little actual growth occurring. Any ideas or suggestions?




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hi, i just zoomed in to look at the other plants on the picture. have you add any chelated Fe, yet? plants are looking pale. can you please let us know what readings your water had?
I have not added chelated iron or any other micro nutrient supplement yet. A few plants are slightly lighter in color than the ideal but the spinach still struggling more than others. Nitrate = 20 ppm Nitrite = 0 ppm Ph = 6.9. I was looking into seaweed extract as a supplement in general, but still very confused about the spinach?

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I'll second the recommendation of a little dose of Iron and a small cap of maxicrop or other seaweed extract. Potassium deficiency can often cause the leaf edge burning and is the least available of the big three nutrients in a new aquaponics system so the seaweed extract should help that along with providing most other trace elements.

Thanks! Just got some seaweed extract and chelated iron for the system. I'll post an update with results.


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