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I would like to add some to my system. Does anyone have some they can part with or know where I can by them.

I understand they filter the fish waste and leave the plant roots alone.

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i've seen them on ebay a few times as well

I've got lots in my system but I'm not sure how to go about collecting them or trying to keep them alive while shipping them.

TC, did you introduce them? If yes, where did you get them?

At my old house I did introduce a small bag full of them but I never saw them again there.

It wasn't until I had a raft bed set up at the new farm that I started seeing many of them.  I'm fairly sure they came to the new farm from the old farm in among my pond plants.

I don't remember who I ordered them from (I think it was a place in North East Florida) but I haven't been able to find their web site.  The Ladies at Green Acre Aquaponics might know of a source you can order them from.

I will caution that if your system water doesn't have a certain amount of hardness (calcium carbonate) the critters may not thrive because they need the calcium carbonate to grow their shells.  I have really hard well water so it is actually difficult for me to get my system pH down to 7 especially during the dry season when I can't top up with rain water.

I found them from a company in Lakeland on ebay.100 cost me 15.00 with shipping. He was selling a mix of all kinds of little things so I asked him to send me only scuds. I found ghost shrimp at my local petsmart. I was thinking of adding them to my swril filter.


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