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Okay I have two questions. Some of my roots get this very very fine hairy like structure on the roots. And a few other of my new sprouts leaves soon turn yellow. This is only about 65% of my plants that do this and the other are healthy.

I did not check, but I do not believe there is a correlation between the yellow leaves and hairy roots. Some green leaf sprouts have hairy roots, and some yellow leaf sprouts have healthy roots.

I believe it might be overwatering, but I only sprayed the top of the sprouts with water once, on occasions twice a day. Another thing I read is it might be that the water is too nutrient rich and it is not letting the plants grow correctly or something.

Whatever the situation is, it is showing up on my lettuce sprouts and my flowers(who's name I can't guess right now.)

I'm not too worried, just more curious. And this happened on the batch of plants who's roots tried to ground themselves in hydroton, which was really hard for them. So that might also be apart of the cause. I also heard that it might not be a fungus/mold but the sprouts roots themselves trying to expand other directions off the main root?

Anyways, I put my official test seeds in rockwool yesterday. 16 lettuce seeds, 16 spinach seeds, and 8 flowers. Quite close together in grow locations, mainly as a test. These sprouts should come up within the next three days and when they do I will examine and update this thread. Also I will be taking out any that start to de off in attempts to locate the problem.

I have a good feeling about this batch of plants though.

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Here are a couple youtube links of healthy roots.

early leaves turning yellow is generally a lack of iron or other nutrients.  How are your nitrates?



My nitrates are 160+ have been for the last month every test I've ever done. I'm thinking it's because their roots couldn't reach below the dry zone and the watering each day was not enough. That's what I was hoping the problem was anyways.

Those were some good videos as well, I really enjoyed watching them. It gave me a little insight on some things I didn't think too much about.

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