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For a variety of reasons, I'm have had to shut down my system last year. I had hoped to get it going again, but that is looking ever doubtful. So I'm putting it up for sale at a very reasonable price.

the system includes:

60 +/- Vertigro baskets on PVC hangers

10 - 2x3 growbeds plumbed for bell siphons

1 - 10'x18' grow bed, also plumbed for drainage 

1 - 125-gallon Rubbermaid stock tank

2 - 10" Microbubbler Diaphragm aerators for fish 

1 - 110 L/min commercial air pump

2 - multizone cyclers

1 - 1/5hp utility pump (800gph at 10' rise)

1/2 ton river rock

a large amount of expanded shale

a large amount of expanded clay pellets

PVC and fittings

12x20 canopy frame with side panels (needs new top - $60 @ Sam's Club)

Photos are from when the system was in operation - it is currently shut down. The buyer will need to break down and move everything. It is in Lecanto, FL (30 miles sw of Ocala)

ASKING $700 obo

I can be reached at with questions or inquiries. 

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