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I have up to (30) Sunshine Systems GrowPanel Pro 300 LED Grow Lights for sale. 1 season old. The come in the original boxes and all lights will be checked before packing to insure full and proper functionallity. Will work on either 120VAC or 240VAC.

$650 each

$600 if buying 5 or more.


Kp Simply Fresh

608-393-2299 cell

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Question.... I love the LED technology and question why you would want to sell the lights? Upgrade, didn't work for production? Thanks


May I inquire from whom you purchased the LED panels from? As there were some 'fakes' of lesser quality being passed off by folks on Amozon last year. I imagine that you bought such a quantity directly from Sunshine Systems though.

Thank you.


After many long hours of testing side by side (LED vs Traditional White) we have come to the conclusion that the LED light panels just are not ready for commercial use. While they do perform nicely, our goal is to get the plant from seed to harvest size and in the customers hands as quickly as possible (without sacrificing anything). While the LED lights do make the plants grow faster than with sunlight alone, they do not seem to perform as well as the while lights do. 

We have also found out that we need about 33% more LED lights to cover the same amount of square footage as white lights.

I too hope that the future will bring the success of the LED panel, but for commercial use i just don't feel that it is there. If you were to use them in your house or hobby farm then i believe that they will be just fine.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask



These light panels were all bought and pickup up at the Illinois warehouse. They are directly from SunShine Systems. Sunshine has been very cooperative in tech help when i had a light strip go out in one of the panels. They drove up to my greenhouse, showed me how to change the power supply and even left me with an extra power supply. Very nice to see in a company, but like i said in the previous reply, they just do not serve my commercial purpose.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask


What are the frequency of the lights that you are using, are they single blue, red, or white? Do they also include some of the lesser spectrum, ie violet, orange, green, red, white, blue?

Suggestion to you, I spent several years convincing myself to spend the money on LED, only to have a far superior light than what I am used to. I researched many companies that make the LED products, some are cheap panels in plastic housing, some say the 90 watt UFO lights out power the 1000watt MH. After visiting with the creator of this light he had me convinced, and I'm glad he did. If I only had the money or need at this time I believe my entire house and garden would be wired by this guy! I purchased the 224 Watt LED Original Penetration from (which now redirects you to the new website) The lights are quite expensive but produce higher quality (Flavor, Smaller Plant w/Larger Harvest, Scent) than anything I have grown with any of the fluorescent lights or HID 600 or 1000 Watt bulbs. I do agree that they need more quantity of lights, but the price or replacement bulbs and electrical costs the LED were substantially more economical. I too had some lower quality lights, dual or triple light waves, but I found that the 6 variable series produced the best, quickest. Plus with a 10-yr warranty I could not beat the deal!

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