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I have a pair of very productive Blue Tilapia. If anyone in/around Tucson would be interested in buying some babies, I'm selling my smallest (about 3/4") for $1 each. They are growing quickly. I also have quite a few that are 3" or better...will sell them at $3.50 each.

And that's just from my smaller indoor tanks! I discovered the group I have in the large stock tank out back have been busy too! I have no idea how many I now have out there!

If you are interested in buying, I live on the East side and can meet with you near Craycroft/Golf LInks.

You can email me through this forum, or text (520-678-0984).


Thank you!

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The most recent batch are 3/4"-1". $1 each.

The previous batch are averaging 3". $3.50

I do have a few larger, perhaps 4"-6" which I'm asking $4 each for.


NOTE: 1 extra is included up to dozen to allow for a mortality rate; after that, one extra per dozen.


If you text, please reference this website.


Thank you.




That's a shame you aren't closer... I'd likely buy you out... 

Do you currently have any for sale? I just finished my fish farm and the only place in town that I can find that sells them is Tropical Kingdom and they seem to be out at the moment. I'm itching to get this setup up and running.

Hi Roy,

Are you the one who called me and was needing about 100? Sorry to hear Tropical Kingdom is out of stock.

Although I don't currently have the mating pair, and I lost quite a lot over the winter (including six 2 pounders :( !), I still have a nice bunch, though not 100. What size is your tank(s)? Perhaps we can work something out, and I can see if I can identify some specific males and females. As the weather warms up, I expect to see some little ones showing up. Go ahead and call me back and we'll see what can be arranged. No promises, but I'd like to see you able to get started.


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