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This includes myself, since I've been looking into how to make one and integrate it well into my existing systems. Has anyone considered forgoing the tower entirely and simply expanding it out to its fullest potential?

I mean, imagine it. Actually adding an entire living green wall to an aquaponic system?

This isn't my image, but simply an example for those who have never ran into this concept. I found it here from a google search:

I ran into something like this back when I was in college, actually, but had no clue as to how to even begin with it, much less use it for any sort of art related project at the time.

I think it can be done. Not necessarily by me, since I'm not so great at some of the skills required to make one. My first such attempt was an abysmal wreck, and I didn't manage to water it near enough. I didn't even think of attaching it to my aquaponics pond back when I was in an apartment, and now I'm kicking myself for not thinking of this sooner.

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Carey has the only such 'living wall' type system that I know of here. Which doesn't mean at all that there aren't more of them! 

The biggest challenge with vertical aquaponics of any kind is distrobution of flow and collecting the water.  I expect one of those wall things could be set up for aquaponics but it would be interesting to see what works well for water distrobution and collection and what turns into a dried out example of what didn't work and what turns into a wet sodden mass.

Did you find instructions on adding a tower to your system. I'm ready to do that too and need some guidance. 

Yes I did. Unfortunately, my pumps are not quite up to snuff to actually do what I wanted:-/

I just have grow beds and a variety of pots now.

Can you point me to what you found?

Well, I was going to do something like this:

It wouldn't be hard to add a hose to the bottom to drain back into the tank.

As for the living wall, I lost the link, but it's not too hard to figure. I would need a few things before I finagle it. A tarp, burlap, something to use as a frame to hold the whole thing together ( i was going to use some left over shelves, but those are now serving as my tanks), some thin wire to sew the edges in, and finally a vinyl gutter to catch the water and dump it back into the tank. Oh, and some way to hang it, somewhere. I always forget that part:D

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