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footprint:  10' x 12'
frame:  3/4" galvanized steel conduit
roof:  8mm polycarbonate twin-wall with two closable ridge vents
sides - south, east, west (top half):  8mm polycarbonate twin-wall
sides - south, east, west (bottom half):  Reflectix reflective/bubble insulation
side - north:  Reflectix reflective/bubble insulation; can be configured to provide low vent
door - tempered glass in aluminum frame
shade cloth:  30% Aluminet

I designed and built this greenhouse from scratch.  Materials cost was about $1100.  About 3/4 of that cost is in the high-quality polycarbonate sheeting.  It's pricy, but it's much more durable, insulating, and visually pleasing than poly film.  

This greenhouse is the same size as one you can buy from Harbor Freight for $700.  As you can read on the web though, the Harbor Freight model has a relatively weak frame and there are reports of sheathing panels blowing off in high winds.  As such, people have devised additional measures to strengthen the Harbor Freight model themselves at additional cost.  My greenhouse has withstood strong storms with no problems.

Also note that Harbor Freight's polycarbonate sheathing is very thin - about half the thickness of the standard greenhouse sheathing I used.  The thicker stuff provides better insulation.

To keep materials costs down, I used reflective bubble insulation on the lower half of the greenhouse, below the level of the planting tables, where sunlight is not needed.

This greenhouse is small enough that you can remove all the covering in summer for maximum air circulation.  I typically grow tomatoes up the sides and over the frame of the roof in summer, shading the aquaponics system nicely.  See picture below.

I'm selling this greenhouse now because I have moved on to a much bigger project at another location and do not have time to maintain operations at both sites.  

Asking $550, which represents half of the original materials cost (and none of the design or build time).  

I'd be happy to assist with disassembly and loading.

I'll be selling the aquaponics system that fits in this greenhouse too,. as soon as I can put together pricing - stay tuned.

916-533-5268 voice/cell

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Aquaponics system sale notice just posted.  Asking $700 for that. 

If you want to buy both the GH and the AP system, I'll knock $200 off the combined price.

Greenhouse is no longer for sale.  AP system still is though...


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