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FOR SALE: Fully Operational Aquaponics System (Santa Cruz, CA)

Hi All! Looking to get some help selling my AP system. Lemme know if you know anyone in the Bay Area, CA who is looking. Thanks! Here's my Craiglist ad:

I am getting ready to build a bigger setup, so I am selling my recirculating IBC tote hybrid system. Since I built it on a trailer, I am able to deliver, within a reasonable distance from Santa Cruz, CA. I will explain in detail to you how the system works, and will be available by phone, Skype or FaceTime to assist you in successfully working with it. 

I have grown kale, okra, basil, spinach, strawberries, lettuces, chard, peppers, and carrots. Everything grows very fast with the flood and drain system, which runs non stop, consistently delivering fresh nutrients and oxygen to the roots. Fish have been fed with organic feed.

* The last photo shows the first day of setting up. It is missing the 2nd grow bed. Sorry, that's all the photos I have right now.

Including the trailer, I have invested over $5000, plus countless hours configuring and bettering the system. I am asking $1350 without the trailer, and $2400 with the trailer. I accept credit cards and cash.

If purchased without the trailer a fork lift may be needed to remove the tank (if you want to retain the cycled water; water could also be pumped into a separate container for easier tank moving).

System is in its third year and consists of:

• (1) 275 gallon IBC tote fish tank
• (1) sump tank (1/2 IBC tote)
• (1) 1/2 IBC tote garden bed
• (1) 3' x 6' x 8" garden bed with wooden stand
• (1) Sunleaves SDH270 water pump
• (4) large airstones
• (1) Venturi
• (1) 15 gallon solids remover
• (1) 3 gallon degasifier
• (2) auto-syphons (1 in each grow bed)
• (1) tank heater
• (1) Ranco electronic temperature control thermostat for heater
• (1) backup battery and DC pump
• (1) Iota DLS-15 Power converter
• (1) AGM Deep cycle 12 V battery
• (1) General hydroponics blue stone air pump model AP -- 0025B
• Many detachable hose fittings for easy removal/cleaning
• Beds are filled with Hydroton (expanded clay aggregate) & Sunleaves rocks (superheated high-grade shale)

Extras include:
• Murray Hallam's Aquaponics Triple Pack DVDs: Aquaponics Made Easy, Aquaponics Secrets - The First 12 Months, & Aquaponics DIY
• DTPA chelated iron
• I will leave some catfish in the system so it keeps cycling (until you add the fish you want) 
• Test kit
• Tank salt (when needed for disease prevention)
• Float valve
• Extra Sunleaves rocks

Benefits of buying this system:
• Water is cycled already--no waiting to plant, easy transition for fish
• Beds are loaded with red wiggler worms 
• No shopping for parts/less severe learning curve
• Beneficial bacteria is very established
• Tanks have been cleaned and painted already, with all holes drilled and fittings connected

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