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Hello all.  I am ready to stock my FT after a successfully fishless cycling my system. I was wondering what the food of choice is for Hybrid Bluegill. Trying to get prepared to bring the stock in this weekend. 

As always, the opinion of this forum is something I value very much.  Thank you.

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Hybrid bluegill I've had in the past love live food more than anything. Worms, crickets, etc... Mostly though, I've fed them standard fish food pellets.

You probably already know this, but they may not be interested in eating right away after you get them. Give them a few days. Bluegills are especially poor travelers, so expect to lose a few within the first week or so.

I've been using AquaOrganic for a while-see the shop tab on this site.  The fish like it and are growing well, as are the plants.  I've also used Purina Aquamax.

i've read that you can get away with low protein food for bg, but i feed mine the same silvercup game fish food that the yp get..

Keith:  Where are you buying the silvercup?

They do go nuts for live food.  I'd like to train them to jump into the air like mini dolphin - they might do it if one spent enough time with them.  They snatch dangled worms out of my hand already.  We have coppernose but the feeding habits sound about the same as hybrid.  The most common hybrid is crossed with green bream but they can also be crossed with readear (shellcracker).

RW said:

Hybrid bluegill I've had in the past love live food more than anything. Worms, crickets, etc...

Just got BG less than a week ago, short drive from the hatchery. Ate well to the pellets they had and mealworms they go crazy for, snatching them off the surface, one jumped into the air. I just bought aquaorganic and non of my fish (BG, Koi, Catfish) even wanna touch it. they would swim up and look at it, some would bite and spit out. Do they need time to adjust to new food? I bought 10lbs of this feed. they better start liking it.

Glenn, it may help to ease them into a new food. Feed them what they are used to eating, with a little of the new stuff mixed in, and daily substitute a little more new food for old. They'll take. It also helps to feed them a little less while training them, so they attack it when it lands.

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