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Has anyone ever tried one of those Foggers in aquaponics?

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I have and they work great.

Do you have any pictures or videos?

Also, are you only using the fogger? Or do you also do something else to water the roots?
The fogger I used was for applying organic pesticides. No need to water roots in Aquaponics, do you mean an aeroponic system like the EZ cloner?

Ya...I mean using a fogger to get the aquaponic nutrient water to the plants.  

All plants need water, even in aquaponics

Be careful. Ultrasonic foggers can kill your fish.

How do they kill fish?

the sound can kill fish. I learned this working with reptiles doing river tanks. Its ok if the water is in a waterfall or separate body of water that flows into the fishtank but you can kill fish but using ultrasonic foggers in the same body of water as fish. I don't know how it kills them biologically but i had personally accidentally killed fish in river tanks and seen people kill fish in small ponds with a fogger. 

Interesting...I guess if anyone was going to actually use a fogger they would have to do it out of a sump tank?

so what are you useing the fogger for exactly? for humity? What are your trying to solve by using the fogger?

I was just wondering if it would work in aquaponics.  I'm trying to do something like the "China Walls" aquaponics system.  Standing the boards up rather than floating them in the water.  Then shooting the water up to the walls.  

ok then a fogger would not be the way to go you wont transport much nutrients that way your far better off having water trickle down either continuously or on a timer. This way you can transport water and nutrients to the plants instead of just water.

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