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Small Farmers in Florida should be aware that their rights may not be protected by Florida Law!!!

Within 2 months of investing Illegally DeSoto County issued a cease work order preventing the development of a Solar Powered Fish Farm.  This violation of Florida Law was not enforced putting my company out of business.  I can use Help


State of Florida Right to Farm Act without enforcement has ruined many farmers in Florida. Signing this petition to help Florida Farmers keep their farms from local govt illegal actions

So I created a petition to The Florida State House, The Florida State Senate, and Governor Rick Scott, which says:

"Florida Right to Farm Act & The Florida Aquaculture Policy Act without enforcement only allows those farmers who can hire a legal firm to receive rights under Florida Law"

Will you sign this petition? Click here:


I was attempting to make this fish farm into a solar powered fish farm using my SafeDomes as power plants and grow rooms Off the Grid.  DeSoto County within 2 months of purchase declared my company was mfg for resale on farm, no evidence produced.  Dept of Ag by law should have assigned my company an Ombudsman to review my complaint they did not.

Seeking Justice in Florida

Anyone with latest prices for Tilapia and cat send me an email at

I must now devise a loss statement as to how much I would have made if my company proceeded with its endeavor.

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