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Some of my floating hydroton is making it into the tank through the Afnan siphon. I scoop it up when i see it but I'm wondering if its a problem for the tilapia in there. After all the floating pellets are a pretty similar color and just a bit smaller. Do I have to worry about fish with chipped teeth or whatever?

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Your hydroton shouldn't be floating... is it genuinely "hydroton"..... or is the problem actually that you are flooding too high??


More info please, pics would be good...

I'm sure I'm flooding it too high but the watercress is supposed to actually like that.

You need a gravel guard around your siphon to keep the media away from the siphon.

Flooding too high makes algae growth a problem too. I had watercress do just fine with the water level 1 to 2 inches below the hydroton. It turned into a jungle.


flood to about an inch to 1.5" under the surface of the media, and put in a standpipe/gravel guard

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