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flexible air diffusers vs cirle airstones vs micropore airstone

Hey everyone,

So have any of you had an experience with the flexible air diffusers? i am considering lining my DWC grow bed with them. now i have heard that the smaller the holes the more dissolved oxygen can be added to the water, because of surface area of the bubbles.

now i have a circular air stone and a micro-pore stone, does the circular provide enough oxygen. is there a big difference between the 2. does anyone know the ratings of the bubble size of the circular and the flexible?

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The flexible air diffusers are harder to weigh down and harder to balance the air flows.

micropores put more air into the water due to the larger surface are per volume of small bubbles compared to large bubbles. if you want to aerate some water get one of the double xl boss hog micro pores

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