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I'm sorry but whoever thinks that the word "fishmas" is offensive is an idiot, and I've got a few other words for you, shitmas, fuckmas, assmas,  dum mas, ass mas, crack mas, retarded mass.


I only signed in to this forum for the first time because I got an email saying some forum members found the word "fishmas" to be offensive, WHAT THE HELL!  I dont even care if you bann me, but I hope some of the people who find that word offensive see my message and realize that they are complete retards.


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I just discovered it today. So from my perspective I'm right on time.

John Cubit said:

Looks like the topic stopped being a topic last Tuesday.  Thanks for making it to the party on time...I am offended that you were so late

Randy said:

So someone was offended by fishmas. Big deal. Why the vulgar diatribe? Did I miss where they cussed you out? Do you only tolerate diversity of thought if you agree with it?

This is a world wide forum, many cultures are represented here. Occasionally someone is going to be offended. It's unavoidable. What is avoidable is picking sides and piling on. That only makes matters worse.

Why can't we all get along and just go with the flow?

Jake I hope some day you will be able to communicate better than your post.  Using foul words discredits the points of the words.

Using hateful words is trying to use words to hurt people.  The problem with that is sometimes people get tired of their hateful words not having much affect and the person turns to physical violence.

Your words will get more respect if they are respectful words.


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