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My question is, Can I add pond water to speed up the fishless cycling process? thanks for the help in advance.

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Yes you can, but bacteria colonize better on surface area. It may be a better idea to grab something solid from that pond. Also, it depends on how clean it is...if you add pond water, you risk introducing contaminants into your system.

Thanks Alex.

I added some scrapings from my filter media from mine and it seemed to help some as I was fully cycled in about three weeks.

I have a two acre pond that is very healthy with catfish, blue gill, bass and turtles. I am giving some thought to putting my pond in my circulation loop instead of a fish tote. The much larger volume should be much easier to manage biochemically. I'm also wondering if floating some rafts out on the pond might work also. Anyone please chime in with comments, feedback, or it will never work.

I think it should work.  I would worry about controlling algae as well as surface water and such getting into the system.  I'm sure there are others who are using a pond, you may want to try another forum.

Don't float rafts on the fish pond....The fish like to nibble the roots.

Thanks Alex, I did think about that Alex. I am going to devise some type of barrier of mesh. My main concern is regarding circulation and it's nessecity. Putting the pond in the circulation loop would solve both issues and perhaps the most viable.

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