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Greetings All, I have been doing a fishless cycle on my IBC system for the last 13 days. Ammonia came down, nitrites went way up and I started seeing a bit of nitrates.  Today I checked my water.  All are down to ZERO.

Not really sure what happened.  Anybody have an idea?  I did use PH up to bring the PH back up from 6.0.  Hasn't bothered it before.

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Do you have any plants in your system? And how much ammonia are you adding every day? 275 gallons?


I am using a hydroponic PH called PH UP.  I did ad more ammonia yesterday after the zero readings. The ammonia up to now had been running between 4 & 5 without adding any additional.   I did use city water to top up.


I do have a few plants in the system.  Herbs, peppers, cukes.  I added a couple of teaspoons yesterday.  System is about 550 gallons with FT, beds and sumps.

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