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I have a quick question.  For fishless cycling we're instructed to add ammonia to the tank a little at a time until you obtain a reading from your ammonia kit of 2-4 ppm.

How much are we talking...a drop, a teaspoon, a cup?  I know it all depends on the size of the tank of course. 

I have 175 gallons of water.  That's 22,400 oz.  (44,800 tablespoons, 134,400 teaspoons, 537,600 1/4 teaspoons, 1,075,200 1/8th teaspoons)  So am I looking at adding 1/4 teaspoon of ammonia.  That would give me a little more than 2ppm correct?

"A little at a time"......does this mean a couple of drops and  wait how long ?


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In my experience, provided you are flooding every 15 minutes It shouldn't take more than an hour for your ammonia to mix throughout the system, at which time you can add more. I used liquid ammonia and that volume of water would have probably needed about 3-5 ml/ or about one teaspoons. I'm not sure about the powdered stuff - it may be more potent. So add a little and wait, measure and add some more.

It depends on the concentration of the ammonia you have.

For most people it's easiest to simply add a little and then test your water in an hour and see what the ppm is at.  Then, adjust from there.

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