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i have a 250 gal tank and 3 2ftx7.5ftx1ft deep grow beds, lava type rock, i have checked media and so far it shows 7 ph, dut my water is runnung around 8 or so. I have been using muratic acid  2 table spoons to bring it down , this is the second day of cycling and i have had to do this both days, will the muratic acid kill my bacteria that i am tying to get in the grow beds, plus do i need to heat the water it is runnung around 60 degrees 

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if you can get the pH down closer to 7.6 it might help and since you have only just started I wouldn't worry too much about the acid killing the bacteria but you could simply add your ammonia and let the natural cycling takes it's course without bringing the pH down much more.  As the system cycles the bacteria will naturally use up the buffering capacity and eventually you may find you have to add top up water to keep your pH up or even add some other form of buffer to keep the pH from dropping too low.

I had to add acid to my 300 gallon system for a few days before I got the pH to stay down around 7.6 and then in a few weeks the pH dropped to 6

Hi Randy,

Personally I prefer to use drift wood to reduce the PH it’s a gradual process but no chemicals needed.  Best to use a PH down from an aquarium store as it made for fish and yes the temperature makes a difference to the type and growth rate of the bacteria’s.  But that said it also takes about 4 to 6 weeks for the bacteria’s to grow.


Hope this helps

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