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Hi everyone :)


My first aquaponics set is ready to go, its time to add the fish i have a 200 gallon FT sitting under my 75 gallon GB.


iv been doing some reading and searching in google trying to understand which fish is worth growing for profit.


from the amount i did read, it seems as though fish and profit are very far from each other LOL,unless you have like alot of big tanks and spend lots of money,and it takes years to even get that profit back.


but i read those in just fish keeping website they were not doing aquaponics, alot of profit is made back in aqauponics with the plants and fish kind of becomes like a little profit on the side.


I do plant to go REALLY big with gaint fish tanks and much more, but till then i only have a 200 gallon FT , and just wondering what type of fish is wroth keepining in there.


I dont mind if its for eating, or just selling :). but looking for a fish thats easy to keep at first, and where i dont have to spend so much money on fish food :p.



also has anyone ever tried keeping sturgeons in aquaponics sets?

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Actually I forgot to add that if you are going to do this large scale you may want to consult with the DFG.

Yea, but I think his large scale plans are going to be in another country so he will need to find out what the governing authority there is.


But definitely a good point Chi.  Anyone Anywhere wanting to raise fish for profit might need some sort of license, or permit.

i wont be doing this in the USA when i go large scale , but thanks there is still some good info in there :).



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