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Been a while since I have posted... mostly due to reading here and always finding my answers... except this time...

Trying to find a tank that gets as close to the below requirements as possible.

1) ... near 550 gallons (2080 liters)

2) ... at least 20 inches deep (50 cm)

3) ... at least with a width to depth ratio ranging from 3:1 to 5:1

I have never dealt with fiberglass tanks... Are they fragile or tough to saw holes through?

I came across this tank that is perfect...

... but looks like I may have troubles ordering it... I am here in the states, United States, Texas. Although, I don't mind paying shipping costs if necessary.

Any recommendations?

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This company has tanks that are used in commercial aquaculture systems up to 3000 gallons

Fiberglass tanks are easy to drill through

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