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Fish tank geometry: volume being equal, what caveats/considerations?


Planning my first system and because it looks like I'll be in an outdoor shed with modest space (6' X 9'), I'm considering tote (probably full-volume and just de-lidded rather than some top chopped as grow tray) vs. 300 gal stock tank for the fish. The tote may be is a little more compelling because of the smaller footprint, and I'm tall so the higher wall height shouldn't be too bad. Also will likely be insulating the tank so the regular shape might make that easier.

I've considered that the smaller surface area:volume will mean slightly higher aeration requirements, and understand that the corners may cause low-flow areas where solids might accumulate. My brewing background gets me all wound up about vessel geometry so I need to ask: what other considerations should I consider in tote (naturally food grade) vs. tank?

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Study the fish you plan to use as to their requirements regarding surface area. A rectangular tank will give more room for the fish to swim than a cube with the same volume.

the problem with a tote.. its industrial waste..

no matter how much you try to hide it, it will still look like, well ..decorated industrial waste.

my favorite tank is the 300 gallon Rubbermaid.. its low and wide.. fish like to swim in circles, not up and down.

if you want a small foot print build something like this.. its a 2"x12"/plywood box  and a 150 gallon Tuff Tub..

this looks like a food growing system,, not a Daftpunk / Frankenstein experiment ;)

Randy: where would one find something like that? Do you mean by calculating DO levels and comparing to a species' oxygen requirements?

Rob: Yep, understand that :). I'm rather a function kind of cat rather than an aestheticist but if this is ever to make it out of the shed having a little less "thump" on the eyes will help. Did you line that with pond liner/other plastic? Is there a sump tank hidden back there somewhere?

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