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I have been researching what type of fish would be best for an aquaponics system here in Ireland and so far the best fish for here seems to be the brown / rainbow trout.

After inquiring with a local fish farm i have been told i can get batches of fingerling in either female or mixed gender.

Does anyone have any recommendations on fish gender?

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I don't have a recommendation on gender but Dr Wilson Lennard told me that brown trout are less tolerant of tanks than rainbow trout.

That's a bit of a bummer, because where I am, it seems brown trout are a little more flexible with water temperatures. :-(

I'd imagine the ability to breed would be an important factor. But I don't really know anything about trout :)

Does anyone have an opinion on Perch in Aquaponics? here it would be Eurasian Perch.

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