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So I am just finishing up a fishless cycle for my first system.  It's a 10 gallon fish tank and the design is based on the following:

For this system I don't plan to eat the fish or anything, just using this as a starter system to learn aquaponics.  Most of the guides or articles that I've seen online are trying to help determine the amount of fish for much larger systems.  I was planning on only doing goldfish and/or mystery snails from the pet store at least to start.  Does anyone have a good rule of thumb that I can use to stock my tank now that I'm ready for fish?

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I'm at the same point as well with a simaler set up and will be interested to hear back.
I am running with a bit of a toss up and going to start with one inch per gallon and see what happens. The best part is if it is a struggle I learned something new. And if everything thrives I learned something new. Good luck and hope to hear from the seasoned members.

For starting a small tank like this I would suggest going lite as small systems can have fast swings in water conditions. Use the typical aquarium recommendations for now and see if it works. I have actually packed in quite a bit more than recommended in a 10 gallon system, but it was a chore keeping everything right with the water, so start small and easy.

Start with 4 goldfish and expect half of them to die. You will get swings early on but things should settle down after a year or so. I have a 25 gallon tank with three goldfish no deaths in the last 3 years.

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