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This is a list of fish that can be raised in 'cold water' aquaponics systems:

This list is far from complete. Though I originally made the list for cold water fish, I would like to include species that live in warm water too. I haven´t even included the species of Tilapia yet. Given some fish used in aquaulture may not thrive in aquaponics systems, I welcome your experience and knowledge.



What kind of fish do you raise?




http://www.TheGrowing.Org is a wiki based, technical documentation resource for growing food where viable sources of soil, water, sunlight and(or) space are limited.

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I am in a warm climate though it does get cold enough here on occasion to give tilapia problems.

I personally like to grow Channel Catfish in my systems because they grow fast and big and are fairly easy to get fingerlings here.  They grow well in our warm climate but the cold spells only slow them down a little bit and they can survive cold water as long as the temperature swing is not too fast.  I prefer at least a 300 gallon fish tank to grow them because I tend to grow them big.

If you are short on space for big tanks, Bluegill are another option of warm water fish that can still survive the cold (again as long and the temperature swing in not too drastic too fast.)  Since bluegill are a fin fish that has scales they are more acceptable to people who can't eat fish without scales like catfish.  Bluegill don't get very big and they don't grow super fast but we still have eaten bluegill that we had less than a year.  Bluegill/Sunfish or Bream are available around most of the country and are good eating.

I have grown tilapia but since we don't heat our water, they are more problematic even in our normally warm climate.

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