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Hi everyone,

     I don't know if anyone has mentioned this before, but I just found a fresh food source to supplement the dry pellets to feed my catfish. I collected Butternut nuts from an old butternut tree near me to distribute the nuts around hoping to grow some more trees in the area, since the only one I knew of was in a landscaped bank parking lot... no tree saplings were going to have a chance there so I figured I'd help the planets genetic diversity a bit and scatter them about where they might have a chance to grow and to share with anyone who might want to plant one (I still have some left if anyone wants some to plant.). Then as I removed the outer green husks covering the nut shells, I found lots of worms that eat the husk!  So now I collect some to add to the fish pellets at feeding time and the fish have been gobbling them up. So anyone with nut trees on their property may want to try this to both keep fish food costs down as well as limit pest problems in your yard. Seems to me to be a win-win situation! :)

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