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Im still trying to get all my numbers together. I researched and everything is more specific and in smaller numbers so Im back asking.

If you have 1000 Tilapia  fingerlings starting out in 4 2500 gal tanks (250 each tank) and I start out with stage 1 fingerling feed how much will I PROBABLY (I know there are to many variables to be exact I just need estimates) need to get these babies to puberty? Im thinking a 40lb bag might do until they become Juvies?

Then we will be on to stage 2. How much will I probably need to get over all for this stage if I havent lost them by now lol? Im thinking 3 each 20lb bags (60)lb total before moving on to stage 3 feed?

And so on for each stage. Itsnt there a formula I saw on here about weight? Maybe it was on the Australian site?

Im just trying to calculate a reasonable estimate for food cost for each grow out cycle. I plan to suppliment with red worms once I get that established as well

Thank you


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at fingerling stage, consider 10 to 12% body weight daily..

as they grow out, 2 to 3% of bodyweight is pretty close to recommended

Thank you Keith. So how much does a fingerling weigh?

Has anyone ever feed fish leftover grains from a brewery?

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