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are there any suppliers of fish eggs out in the US?

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i've seen trout eggs for sale, as well as yellow perch egg ribbons.. both require cool, clean and well oxygenated water for a successful hatch

then you need greenwater, rotifers and copepods for the young to eat, then you need to feed train..

why wouldn't you want to buy feed trained fingerlings?


      I would to try the whole grow experience in my setup.I have chickens and raise them from eggs to get the full effect.I am also willing to listen to someone who has went this route and get their opinion.

there's lots of info available online....

start with your state regulations regarding aquaculture..

i'd have to say though, that raising a couple dozen chickens from eggs is going to be a lot different than raising hundreds, or possibly thousands of hatching fish

You could buy fingerlings, let them mature and breed, and then worry about hatching eggs. That way you still get the whole grow experience, just with the eggs being tacked on the end. Fry are very fragile, It might be best to first have some adult fish that could continue to propagate in your tank, then worry about hatching. I understand about wanting to learn the whole cycle, I just think you will be more likely to succeed if you start with something less finicky and work your way up to it. Kudos to you for your desire to gain experience!

Fry are very fragile. Yeah, I agree with that. In my mind It would be almost better to get a breading pair of fish. Then you know they will keep on having eggs. I have seen people on craigslist sell tropical fish breading pairs from time to time. Or talk to local breeders and see what they have for sale.

Thank you all for responding

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