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The larger talipia has taken all the rocks from one end of the 50 gal aquarium and spit them into a pile. Is this to create a swept area for eggs or just fish boredom activity? If it has to do with mating is this a male, female/ or either activity?

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Both male and female will create a 'nest'. Keep an eye on this one and see if it pairs up with any female(s). If he/she choose to mate, the female will have a mouthful of eggs and will not eat during the incubation phase.

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The fish I believe to be female is the fish that can't close its mouth. Show in my "Talipia can't close mouth" post. I think they mated and she couldn't keep the eggs and the gold fish in the tank with them ate them.

I am not really trying to raise Talipia. It is just my curious observaion.


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