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Hi all, Me and my husband build a aquaponic system without the fish tank. There is a 120 gallon tank that we use to drain and fill the tray which is 3x3 and 4x4. I grew garlic, shallots, onion, basil. So far it is going nicely. All we added was seaweed to the tank. But we will add the fish tank and the crayfish tank later on. We want to see if it how our first crop comes out without the fish tank. So far, it is going good. This is our first system and we are excited about it. We did use a flexible tubing and our land is on uneven ground. This is just our experiment. Any comments or advice is welcome. Love the idea since we found out about it. We live in carmichael, ca. 

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I was wondering same thing, is this a raft system?

Question for Bob, what in the heck is peeponic?



How do you mean urea? You mean fresh pee vs aged? How are you controlling the amount this way? Keep in mind I don't think plants or bacteria can do anything with urea so it just hangs around for a while in the system until it breaks down to ammonia which you have no control of for when this happens as it could be days or weeks. This means much less control over ammonia added to the system.

I think I'm misunderstanding though. 

Bob Campbell said:

I'm switching over to Urea from hummonia in order to be more accurate about the amount of Ammonia I add each day to the system. 

Keep in mind that adding straight nitrogen you are lacking many other things that your plants need and humonia has.  I believe I saw Vlad mention humonia has an average rating of 7-1-2 although it could vary quite a bit based on the person, diet, time of day collected, etc.  It will also have many of the micro nutrients needed as well. If there is no P and K your tomatoes and peppers will likely soon stop flowering/fruiting and/or worse. 

Hopefully the positive tests for ammonia really is all the ammonia added and there isn't a urea timebomb floating in there. The fact that fresh urine is mostly urea is the primary reason you have to age pee before using it in peeponics :)

All fair points Bob. May I ask how you plan to apply your knowledge of how to kill your plants with nitrogen or are you just having some fun? :)

Also I do apologize for jacking this thread 

Bob and Chris, I started another thread in the Fishless group to heal the jacking, please continue over there.

Rattana, the Fishless group may be a good place for you as well, with the nature of your post. I'm curious also what kelp product you started with, and some pictures. I know maxicrop has a line with both seaweed and fish emulsion, which would indeed be a source of N.


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