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First of all, this site is just great !  Thx

I am ready to set up my first system, in an attached green house.   I have limited depth in my green house so my system will need to be long.  I have the following configuration


2) 300 gal IBC totes used as Fish tanks, note these are tucked away under an isolated porch so they will not take up any of the green house space.  

2)  10  x 4 x 1 ft gravel grow beds

1)  8 x 4 ft x 2 ft  Sump/DWC, this is where my pump will be located


The flow of water will be

FT  -- >GB--> filter (maybe) --> Sump/DWC --> FT  


I plan on using the Chop 1  so that I can have all my water coming from the fish tank to  gravel grow beds for filtration.   So that the water can be as clean as possible before going into the Sump/DWC raft bed.   I may add a filter if the beds do not filter enough. 


Now my question Will this work?  Will the gravel beds filter enough or do I need a filter?

Also I have thought about the use of the Chop 2 with its advantages but cannot come up with a simple solution to route all the water coming from the fish tank to the grow beds first.   Any ideas ?


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I think the grow beds will filter enough.  I think you might find that you want a little extra depth on your sump/DWC tank though to handle the water level fluctuations without putting your plant roots too badly into your pump.

Be sure to use plenty of aeration for the raft bed.

Thx TC 

I think I will make it a little deeper , thx for the advice 

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