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First NFT hydroponics, now something else..... Aquaponics...

I have done hydroponics for a couple of years running a 4 tube NFT setup.  This was done outside in a shade nett 'tunnel' I built to protect it from too much sunlight. Veggies I have experimented with are beans, brinjal, spinage. And also had a couple of strawberry containers.  It really did very well and we enjoyed the results produced from it.


Now I am planning a Aquaponics setup.  Choices, choices.....  Where do I start... 

These are my thoughts...

Main tank for the Mozambique Tilapia - I can get a   which is a bit big.  It can hold just over 12600Litres of water.  I guess I won't fill this baby to the brim.  Unless I can source a smaller container that will hold about 6000 litres, which is what I actually prefer.

3 x 80 litre storage containers with various types of water plants to aid in water filtration for the main water container which will house the Tilapia.

I aim to only fill the small pool with approx 6000 Litres of water.  The pool should be half full, unless I was able to source a smaller one.

Inside in the centre I will place a submersible fountain pump with a rose at the top for aeration.  Together with this there will be 2 large air stone fed by a large dual air pump in the water.


Hydroponics section currently is 1 fibreglass container approx 2m x 2m x 50cm deep. (to start with) I don't think this is adequate to filter the main water tank hence the 3 additional storage tanks with additional water plants to assist filtration.


Now my big show stopper at this point in time is getting my hands on some Lemna Gibba (duckweed)  as supplement feed to the Tilapia.  When I obtain this (from who knows where) I can cutivate it in seperate water tanks and regularly feed it to the fish.


As the aquaponics is a new venture, I'm not sure if I may be too conservative with certain aspects of the setup.  I generally tend to 'over-do' than falling short and have plants and fish die on me. 


If anyone feel that something of what I have mention might be too little, or too big, please do not hesitate to make mention thereof.  I'd rather start right, than trying to fix later on.


My place of residence is Kempton Park in South Africa. Maybe there is someone with a nice setup which I can visit and have a chat over cup of coffee about what I plan to do...


Many blessings.


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Someone should beat me over the head for looking at such a big dam.  It looks like 2000 liter is going to be more than enough water.


Doesn't take much fish to grow lots and lots of plants really.


1000 liters or around 300 gallons is about the smallest fish tank system I like for outdoor non temperature stabilized situations.

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