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I got a batch of fingerlings today. Thing is, I didn't realize how much my current fish had already grown and these new guys are small :/

I've got 9 bigger fish (maybe two inches) and 50 fingerlings Anything I can do to help even the odds out for the little guys? Add some hiding spots or something?

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I had the same thoughts. I had an idea of getting some large diameter PVC and putting a cap on the top and bottom, then cutting slots or holes all over it just too small for the big fish to get in. Or put in a food grade slotted divider somewhere vertically, splitting the tank. Or a large slotted square box held together by SS corner braces.
If you have a FT as small as an IBC, maybe even just a 6 gal food grade bucket and lid with many slots and/or holes in it. They could hang out in there permanently, or seek refuge there whenever they wanted.

Thanks for your input. Turns out, I'm not actually having a problem; they seem to be getting along "swimmingly" :) False alarm! Whew.

  I have found that they don't seem to have a problem with the small frys I only have problems with my big fish eating the babies food.  The larger fish won't eat till you put in the food for the small ones.  Glad your getting some babies. They are fun to watch.

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