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We have recently discovered fine, tiny little red hair like organisms in our net tank.  We noticed the waste was disappearing and didn't know what to attribute it to.  We know that gammarus have just literally appeared in in many systems in Hawaii, so we thought maybe the gammarus had finally made their appearance here.  However when I scooped up a little bit of the poo from the bottom of the tank and began inspecting it, there were these tiny little worms.  Friendly has them too.    Anyone else have these or know the name and where they originate?

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Midge flies look almost identical as mosquitoes except they do not have a proboscis to suck on your blood.
And they have fuzzier antennae then mosquitoes.  Although they are often easily mistaken for the blood thirsty critters and inevitably perish due to mistaken identity!
I usually see midge flies within a week on a new system. It probably took longer for them to get into your system since you are in a greenhouse.
Good point!  Anyone yet know how the Gammarus get into a system?  I was told by a friend who's brother is in Hawaii, that they are airborne.  Not sure how that would work!
I suspect birds. If you don't have any birds entering your greenhouse my theory is incorrect.
Nope, no birds!  Next! :)

with the fish

With the waater

on the roots of water plants



Huh TC?   How would they get into a system that is mostly impervious to outside sources?

I expect in HI it is mostly commonly from the source water or with the water when introducing the fish.

Or when the random person puts a water plant in the system to keep it alive

or any other debris that might have had contact with an aquatic environment and not been totally sterilized before contacting the system.


The little critters are small enough that it would be incredibly easy to miss them when getting new fish.


Gotcha.  If what I saw this am were Gammarus, I have no explanation for their appearance in our system as there has been no introduction of new fish, water plants or debris that had contact with an aquatic environment.  


I expect that your original fish could have brought them and they just hid out and you did see them till their numbers started increasing.
Could be!  Good point.

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