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We have recently discovered fine, tiny little red hair like organisms in our net tank.  We noticed the waste was disappearing and didn't know what to attribute it to.  We know that gammarus have just literally appeared in in many systems in Hawaii, so we thought maybe the gammarus had finally made their appearance here.  However when I scooped up a little bit of the poo from the bottom of the tank and began inspecting it, there were these tiny little worms.  Friendly has them too.    Anyone else have these or know the name and where they originate?

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midge fly larvae are  only about .75 cm long and much thicker than the  tubliflex worm which is fine as babys hair and about 3 cm long,, they dance like garden eels
Gina - you can find insects (and algae, and copepod/isopod dispersal stories that are truly astounding / bordering on impossible.  Even if you did absolutely nothing to introduce anything into your water, you will be surprised at the number of things that float in the breeze or are hybernating as cysts.  On our farm, which gets dry as hell with no rain for months on end, whole ecosystems pop up in puddles of water after rain.  If I stick a clear container of rain water out in the sun for a few months, I eventually get algae............ 
Gina, Aren't your new flood tables 'outside' of the greenhouse...and don't they drain back into the troughs 'inside' the greenhouse ? 

Hey Dave,  no.  Nothing is outside presently.  The new troughs will be.

I think have red spider mites! They build spider webs.What can I use to get rid of them

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