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Hi folks,

I'm a beginner in the design stage so I have been watching all sorts of YouTube videos and reading all I can. Sylvia's book seems to be the gold standard so far, but some other seemingly experienced folks are using swirl filters (and other variations) to remove solids from water leaving the fish tank. They imply that the solids will clog up the media grow beds over time and require cleaning. I thought this is what the worms took care of, with their added benefits.

At this point I'm leaning toward using both a swirl filter for large solids and worms in the grow beds too. 


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I think it all depends on what fish you are raising, and if you are using floating raft beds, or NTF channels. You would want a filter for the later two, no matter what type of fish you have. I have had bluegill in a small tote system with a media bed, and have had no problems with the media being clogged with anaerobic zones. Talapia are big poopers, so this, and stocking densities may require solids filtration. You have to follow your nose to see if there is a problem with solids in your media beds.

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